Who We Are, What We Do

We are a family founded business and Honester's is our itinerant digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising platform; quite the mouthful we know! But all it means is that we carry your promotional messages on massive TV screens astride our enhanced com-vans.

Each of our com-vans is fitted with state of the art LCD monitors on either panel that are near impossible to miss! We pride ourselves as part of the Eco-Marketing expanding world because our screens are powered by megawatts  produced by the com-van's engine that would otherwise go to complete waste.

The smallest screen on our selection of com-vans is a 32" HD LCD display, and the largest is a whopping 65" HD LCD!

And since we only use LCDs we can guarantee no dead pixels sit randomly over your public messages.

The displays continue to run on stored electrical energy when the engine is turned off so whether we're parked up or just being environmentally conscience while stuck in heavy traffic you can be sure that someone has their eyes on all your business's current promotions at all times.


How Does It Work?

There is obviously no need for printed images, or large glue sticks, or a lot of things like that which carry a heavy carbon foot-print. If your ad is not to your liking, press the back space button, fix it and email us your corrections - no additional costs, no delays! 

It's really quite simple; you know what you want your message to be, you have an idea what it should look like, so you come to us and we make it happen! Whether you would like still image promotions or short video clips of your products and services - or would like to dabble in a bit of both

- we have a solution that will be sure to put a smile on your face!

There are ten advertising slots available on each vehicle, each slot runs for fifteen seconds and repeats every two and a half minutes. Our clients can own as many slots as they wish. If I were given that kind of choice, I would own them all! Alternatively though our clients can choose to have varying promotions exhibited every time their fifteen second window appears - to a fair maximum of four variations, at no extra cost! So if a picture paints a thousand words, Honester's is here to tell everyone a 12,000 word story about you!

Who Do We Reach?

At Honester's we refuse to believe that all your clientele are on Oxford street, we like to think they're on Pall Mall, Bishopsgate, in Felixstowe or Bungay. Our travelled routes are as varied as the British weather. We can wake up in Glasgow and go to sleep in Cirencester. We consider ourselves an ideal platform for a vast variety of business to national-consumer advertising. But we also stand by the notion that the customer is always right; and hey, we are mobile! So if it's Oxford street you're looking for then it is Oxford street you can get.

 How Much Will It Cost?

You'll be glad to know that our service with a smile doesn't come at a premium-smile kind of cost. All packages are different and will depend on quantity and desires but we can assure you the best value for money. As a vague example, a cyclist banner ad can cost you £250 a day in London. For the same amount of money you can hold a slot on one of our com-vans for two whole weeks! With upto six days* in London during and around rush hour. Or a whole single day in London with no share of voice for just £160! Expensive and sweaty cyclist? Or affordable, fashionable, sexy, digital LCD connected com-van?

Our Eco-Marketing Desires And Ambitions?

Our current green sense operates around efficiency. In laymen terms, we do not run our engines to power your digital advertising but rather power your digital advertising BECAUSE our engines are running. Our desire is to partner with every courier company out there which already has a need to be out and about and utilise the extra energy all their vehicles generate and waste, and put it to good use! Our bit is to eradicate a few million journeys from printing press to traditional billboards, and to reduce the need for printing altogether, for the benefit of the environment.

As the technology improves our power generation will be freed from the clutches of the fossil fuelled engines and run completely off solar energy. And as the traversable range of the electrical motor improves, so to shall we better our impact on the environment. 

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